our services Digital intelligence desk

This analyst led service utilises the full power of the Smarti3 Intelligence platform, providing clients with a discreet investigative service, on a broad range of operational topic’s, from intelligence capture, data analysis and real-time alerting and reporting derived from open-source information including DeepWeb Social Media, DarkWeb and Clear Web sources.


OUR APPROACH Omniscope is an experienced Internet Investigation and Intelligence (iii) service provider

Our approach to Intelligence-based services is to combine best-of-breed methodology, resources and combine with cutting-edge technology. Our technology provides actionable intelligence using automation and AI, and is powered by our constantly evolving WEBINT methodologies. We frequently share these methodologies through our training programs.

Our intelligence-managed services utilise our suite of Smarti3 intelligence systems, providing comprehensive coverage of all major online sources, including the ability to access closed forums and groups, chat services platforms, illicit marketplaces, paste sites, social media, and surface websites. To provide the best possible response for a Request for Intelligence (RFI) we complement our technology with a multinational team of experienced analysts with extensive investigative skills.

A significant part of our investigations may include direct interaction with threat actors, applying the art and science of Virtual HUMINT. Such interactions with threat actors are facilitated by our powerful Deep WEBINT persona-driven management tools. To ensure compliance and data protection laws are followed, our systems provide full audit tracking and permissions-based access, encryption and data deletion programs.

Omniscope typically follow a classic intelligence cycle, comprising of;

1 • Planning and Direction

2 • Collection

3 • Processing

4 • Analysis and Production

5 • Dissemination

6 • The final product will usually be delivered as a written PDF report with diagrams, charts,  and screenshots to supplement the findings

use case examples

company HR TEAMS

Internal threat social media scanning services, with deep investigation services related to cyber threat actors to better understand their organisation and motivation


Open Source Investigations, missing persons, fraud and security threats


Personal Injury claim, Ghost Broking, cash4crash, Travel fraud, Insurance Theft & Damage claims, Home & Pet


Brand defamation and sentiment monitoring, media campaigns


Missing Persons, Extremism, Illegal Marches and Raves


Sports Events-Situational Awareness


Media Companies; Online video Piracy

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