Smarti3_Lite is the leading product in enabling advanced search & enhancing efficiencies in the collection & analysis of publicly available information through a single interface. Find & explore people, places & information across social media, surface, deep & dark web, observe geographical areas for situational awareness, find documents & use artificial intelligence for image analysis & translation to support your operations



INVESTIGATORS Built for non-technical investigators

The Smarti3 tool enables non-technical investigators or researchers to illuminate hidden information and create an understanding of a person’s social and professional behaviours.

RESEARCHERS Easily locate information that is normally hidden

For anyone conducting research on topics and inherently people, the tool enables non-technical researchers to find information that is normally hidden or requiring complex and advanced search techniques to source, all from a click of a button and complete control of the search parameters.

ANALYSTS Find and understand hidden links

For analysts trying to identify hidden links & understand the information they are collecting, Smarti3_Lite provides automated tools for true cross-platform link-analysis in real-time & artificial intelligence for image analysis. Understand information quicker to create actionable intelligence