A unique Multisource big data investigation platform.



SMART13® FUSION Fusion applies custom analytical workflows and adaptable machine learning


Ingest data from a myriad of consented sources, structured and unstructured, and apply custom analytical workflows and adaptable machine learning models, combining with OSINT all on a single platform to accelerate investigations. Break the silos and connect the dots to find insights and hidden links.

SmartFusion can be applied to Cybersecurity forensics. Our collection/data ingestion suite of tools allows the system to process logs or streams of information from different sensors/devices/servers as well as concurrently digest reports from threat intelligence sources (e.g. PDF files, XML files etc.).

Our SmartFusion capabilities allow us to collect relevant OSINT information (e.g. CVE database, virustotal, darknet sources). Combining reports from threat intelligence and OSINT information the system is able to identify attack signatures and store it in a TTP database.

We then apply the big data analytics capabilities of SmartFusion to achieve objectives such as identifying anomalies, or attack patterns.

SmartFusion includes Cognitive Robotic Process (CRP) automation which can then be used to automate reaction playbooks to specific situations.

In addition, the SmartFusion built in visualisation/reporting/alerting tools will allow users to receive alerts as well as investigate underlying data to further understand issues.