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Internet Intelligence and Investigation for Govt, Law Enforcement and Security agencies around the globe.

Our Deep WEBINT Smarti3 product suite allows investigators to discover the online presence of persons of interest, and reveal their social links, known associates, and areas of interest. Investigators can conduct secure online investigations using Virtual HUMINT methods, using Web and Mobile online personas.
Smarti3 automatically extract locations where available in Web sources, and can add geolocation information from multiple sensors as part of our integrated Smarti3 Fusion offering.

With growing scrutiny and monitoring by counter-terrorism agencies, as well as takedown of extremist content on certain platforms, terrorists, fraudsters and threat actors have shifted the majority of online activities to platfroms which are more difficult to trace such as the Dark Net.

Smarti3 allows collection and analysis of data from multiple online and digital sources, as well as de-anonymising online profiles using multiple technology driven methods.

OUR CUSTOMERS Private Sector Clients

Omnsicope provides cyber, fraud, and Intelligence analysts and security teams with state-of-the-art market-leading technologies to ensure the commercial business is suitably equipped with the tools capable of combating modern-day fraud and help mitigate threats to your business.

If you are a business that prefers to outsource investigative operations, then Omniscope is happy to provide analyst-led services via our…

Digital Intelligence Desk

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